Finding Balance in Your Life

Rob Duffin, owner of Annex Recording, is interviewed by Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant. Rob is involved with several different companies and shares how he is able to balance his professional life with his personal life.
Rob works with during the day and that company is now the third fastest growing company in Utah. Rob also owns and manages in Draper, UT, and in his free time he is starting another company. Yet with all these many projects he still has time for his wife and young daughter.

Future Marketing Trends & Marketing Tips

Jenn Foster, an online marketing expert, shares some tips on future marketing trends with Aaron Drussel, a top real estate expert.
Jenn is the owner of and is an expert in social marketing and website strategy. Jenn shares the importance to have a website that is set up to be viewed on mobile devises.

The Adoption Process with Paul MacArthur

Aaron Drussel, a top real estate agent, sits down and talks with Paul MacArthur, a top attorney in Utah County. Paul shares insights on the different types of adoption and the the overall process. He talks about international adoption and some guidelines for domestic adoptions. He also shares insights on how to select an agency and birthparent rights. Both Aaron and Paul have experience adopting children in their own families.
Paul co-founded A Child’s Hope Foundation, a non-profit public charity that focuses on helping orphaned children in third-world countries and providing options for adoptive families.
Paul is the founding partner of MacArthur, Heder & Metler, PLLC His law practice focuses on business formation, maintenance, contract, taxation, estate planning, non-profit organizations, and ADOPTION.

How to Age Better with Dr. Rudi Ferrate

Aaron Drussel, a real estate expert, sits down with Dr. Rudi Ferrate, a leading expert in sleep disorders and aging. Dr. Rudi shares insights on how to age better and the keys to living a long life.
A common misconception is that we age one year every year. Although it is true that we are a year older on the calendar, our bodies age much differently. So people might age 2 years for every 1 year. Dr. Rudi shares some tips on how to make the aging clock slow down so that we don’t age at the same rate as the calendar shows.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy Recipe for Success

Aaron Drussel, one of the top real estate agents in Utah, sits down with Kevin Santiago, a success entrepreneur. Kevin shares his insights to business processes and they have helped The Sweet Tooth Fairy grow their brand and business. started as a single store with some amazing cupcakes and has grown to a national presence. Kevin has been heavily involved with the growth of several other businesses, including MobyQ and his charitable foundation,

Following your Passion & the Value of Work

Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant, sits down with Jeff Rust, co-founder of Corporate Alliance. Jeff shares some insights of what he learned in the early years of founding Corporate Alliance.
Jeff talks about the importance of following your passion in life. He also talks about the importance of continually learning and reading to further your education. Corporate Alliance helps business leaders build their companies by growing and strengthening their networks and quality of relationships.

Creating a Powerful Team

This weeks video highlights the power of creating a successful team to help grow your business. Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant, sits down with John Briggs, a master at tax strategy. John shares some insights on ways he has seen his clients grow their business and be more successful.

How to Have Financial Success

This weeks video gives Advice for Financial Success from Jeff Segelke of Segelke Financial Group. Aaron Drussel, one of Utah’s top real estate consultants, sits down with Jeff Segelke to talk about keys to investing in today’s market. One of the biggest keys to success is having a financial game plan.
Jeff Segelke is in the top 1% of financial advisors in the country. He can be heard on his weekly radio show, Straight Talk Wealth Radio, every Saturday from 6-7pm on KNRS 105.7 FM & 570 AM.

How to Rank High on Google

What is the Biggest Mistake when Marketing Online?
Learn some of the keys to getting higher online ranking and being seen online. Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant, visits with Jenn Foster, owner of and
Jenn is a “jedi-master” at online marketing and social media. She shares the importance of making sure that companies have relevant content and are consistent with their updates.

How to Successfully Market Online?

Rob Duffin, owner of Annex Recording, is interviewed by Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant. Rob shares how he uses social media and SEO to successfully market his “hidden” recording studio in Draper, UT.
Rob talks about leveraging key relationships and uses his experience working with YouTube sensations Nicole337 and The Piano Guys. He also shares how he was able to attract celebrities such as Justin Bieber & Jaden Smith to his studio through online advertising and search engine optimization.