Tax Strategies for Self-Employed

John works for and can give some great tax advice and strategies. He sits down in this episode with Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant, to share a few pointers for self-employed tax payers.

Cody Black sharing Utah Commercial Market Trends

Cody Black, a top commercial real estate agent, sits down with Aaron Drussel to share insights on the commercial real estate market.
Cody shares the trends and what is coming up with the changing market. The commercial market is seeing increases and that is a good sign for the overall economy and residential real estate arena as well.
Cody Blake works with Coldwell Banker Commercial and is an expert in the leasing and sale of commercial units. He has been an important part of Brandon Frugal’s network in Utah County as well.
Top Secret Tuesday Success Stories are sponsored by the Aaron Drussel Group. As a fun side note, just to make himself feel better about himself, Aaron likes to refer to himself as “The Brandon Fugal of Residential Real Estate” 🙂

How to Start a New Business

Rob Duffin, founder of, shares some insights on what it takes to take a product from concept to reality. Rob sits down with Aaron Drussel, a successful real estate consultant, to explain how he is able to balance his companies and still have time to grow a new brand.

Rob Duffin is owner of and also a contributing member to SilencerCo and their success. The key to growing a new business is taking the next step and keeping as many doors open for as long as you can as you take the next step.

Utah County Commercial Market, Inside Tips on Lehi Growth

Cody Black, one of the top commercial agents in Utah County, shares some insights on what is going on in the commercial real estate market in Utah County. Ever wonder where are the hot spots in growth? Well, be sure to keep up with the growth trends. What companies are moving and where are they going?
Cody is one of the top agents with Coldwell Banker Commercial. He also has worked with Brandon Fugal on several projects together in the Lehi area. Cody shares insights on the Point of the Mountain area as it continues to grow. To all my friends in south Utah County, don’t worry, you will have your day in the sun soon enough as the market continues to grow. I wanted to give a shout out to Santaquin as well, so don’t be offended by the little, inside joke at the beginning 🙂
Cody shares his insights with Aaron Drussel, the top Coldwell Banker residential agent in Utah County. Be sure to check future episodes of Top Secret Tuesday and share your thoughts and comments below.

Number One Key for a Great Website by Jenn Foster

Jenn Foster, a web designer turned online marketing expert, shares the importance of having good exposure for your website with Aaron Drussel, a top real estate expert.
Jenn is the owner of and is an expert in social marketing and website strategy. Jenn talks about having a website and game plan in place to drive people to your site. If people aren’t finding your site, it doesn’t matter how good it might be in the end.

The Path to Profitability

Kevin Santiago, a successful entrepreneur, sits down with Aaron Drussel, one of the top real estate agents in Utah, and shares what he learned when building up large companies.
Kevin was one of the founders of When asked what he learned when growing their company to a success, he said one of the biggest keys to focusing first on profitability and then focusing on growth once you have the profitability fine tuned.
A big mistake for many companies is that they focus on growing and getting big, and figure at some point they will be bought out or become more profitable with growth. This principles have helped Kevin with other businesses heavily involved with the growth of several other businesses, including MobyQ and his charitable foundation,

“Am I Protected?”

Paul MacArthur, a top attorney in Utah County, sits down with Aaron Drussel, a real estate consultant. Paul shares the “DOs” and “DON’Ts” of starting a business along with the biggest mistakes people make.
Paul addresses the common questions: “What are the biggest mistakes people make when starting or forming a business?” and “How should I set up my business?”
Many people forget vital keys during the Honeymoon stage of building a business that can cost them dearly in the long run.
Paul is the founding partner of MacArthur, Heder & Metler, PLLC His law practice focuses on business formation, maintenance, contract, taxation, estate planning, non-profit organizations, and ADOPTION.
Paul also co-founded A Child’s Hope Foundation, a non-profit public charity that focuses on helping orphaned children in third-world countries and providing options for adoptive families.

Private Practice vs Big Company

Dr. Rudi Ferrate, a leading expert on sleep disorders and aging, sits down with Aaron Drussel, a real estate expert, to share insights in why he left a large practice and started his own independent medical practice. Sometimes “bigger” isn’t always “better.”
Dr. Ferrate explains that with his new practice he is able to have a more personal approach to helping people find greater health in their life. In previous episodes, Dr. Ferrate has shared some great insights on how to age better and have a more health in your life. Be sure to look up his other videos to gain some valuable insight on living a long, healthy life.

Where to start investing?

Jeff Segelke, one of the top financial advisors, sits down with Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant, to discuss some tips on investment strategy. Jeff shares insights for first time investors and those who are more experienced as well.
Jeff Segelke can be heard on his weekly radio show every Saturday from 6-7pm on 105.7 FM and 570 AM

Relationship With Money

How to grow to a multi-million company with zero dollars in advertising to start? Danny Villarreal shares some insights on how they grew their company and their relationship with money for growth. Danny s one of the founders of and currently acts as their VP of Marketing. In this weeks episode Danny sits down with Aaron Drussel, a top real estate consultant, to discuss some insights on their company success.