What’s My Home Worth

How to get the top price

  1. Don’t lose money on an appraisal.  As a seller you have to sell your home twice.  The first time is to the prospective buyer. The second time is to the appraiser.  Be sure that your agent knows how to get an appraisal to come up when it comes in low.  Appraisers by definition can be extremely conservative and the last thing you want to do as a seller is have to go down in price because of an appraisal, especially since you already have a wiling & able buyer willing to pay more by restricted by the bank.
  2. Know you to stand out from the pack.  Sticking a house on the MLS and a sign in the yard will not be enough to get in front of the majority of potential buyers, especially if they are coming in from out of state.
  3. Start with a good price based on the competition in the market & analyzing the demand in specific areas and price ranges.  Contact the Aaron Drussel Group if you want to receive a FREE supply & demand report so that you can best see where to position your home in the market.