Home Selling Tips

There are 2 types of homes on the market.

  1. Homes that sell
  2. Homes that help other people sell their home. 

The key is to be the home that sells and not the one that buyers use to justify buying another home.

There are 4 main factors to selling a home:

  1. Marketing 
  2. Price
  3. Condition
  4. Location


When it comes to marketing it is important to know who your competition is and how to stand out from them.  It is also vital to know who the potential buyers would be for your home and the best way to get in front of them.


A vast majority of buyers will not want to negotiate a lot on the price and therefore if a home is priced too high, they won’t want to “offend” by putting in a lower offer.  Many buyers will just wait until the price comes down or they will move on to another home.  Determining price is not about getting a CMA or computer generated value, it’s about getting a velocity marketing report which will show the true supply and demand curve in the market.


When buyer’s walk into a home, you want them to feel at home.  The more neutral and inviting, the easier it is for the buyer to picture themselves living in the home.  In the end, the home will sell itself.  You can’t make someone buy a home, but you can definitely make a home stand out by highlighting its strengths.


Most of the time it won’t make financial sense to pick up a home and move it, so buyer’s will determine what they feel about the location and determine if that is a strength or weakness of the home.  Most of the time the only solution to poor location is adjusting the price to make the home stand out.