Client Events

We have a lot of fun activities as a way to thank our clients and advocates for their constant support throughout the years. Here are a few of our recent events:

Pumpkin Patch Party featuring Pirates- October 2014

Great night with well over 1,000 people in attendance. It was fun seeing Captain Jack Sparrow & his pirate ship, along with the animals from Scales and Tails.

Orange Carpet Movie Event- August 2014

This event had over 900 people in attendance. Clients were able to ride in some limos and then experience the life of a celebrity by walking down the “Orange” Carpet to attend one of the 6 movies we had reserved at the theater.

St. Patrick’s Day Party- March 2014

The annual event was hosted at Get Air Hangtime in Orem. With close to 600 people in attendance it was a blast with plenty of fun activities, green desserts, and the wall of “green celebrities”.

Pumpkin Patch Party- October 2013

The annual event added a new twist with the appearance of the 501st Infantry’s Alpine Garrison dressed in their full Star Wars costumes. Along with the pumpkins, food, and fun it made for a chilly, yet enjoyable event.

Movie in the Park- August 2013

We had a fun night under the stars watching “How to Train Your Dragon” We also had the candy cannon and glow stick cannon to get the evening started out right.


Lean & Mean Healthy Living Workshop February 2013

We were privilidged to hear from some great speakers. Joe Stumpf talked about is experience of being the first 50 year old to survive the Kokoro Navy SEAL civilian bootcamp.

We also heard from Drew Manning with Fit2Fat2Fit who shared his incredible journey of intentionally gaining over 70 lbs in 6 months and then committing to lose that weight and get back to his previous weight in under 6 months.

Pumpkin Patch Party- October 2012

The yearly excitement continues as we had over 400 clients and friends attend the event. There were free pumpkins for the kids and families, along with plenty of food. It was quite the event but everyone seemed to love the sloppy joes and fun activities.

Living Planet Aquarium- June 2012

Fun night to see the aquarium and at the same be given a behind the scenes look at the new Aquarium planned for construction in 2013.